Your bag is more than just symbol of fashion, it is an investment - an investment that you would want looking immaculate inside and out for years to come.

Whether you are spending your hard earned money on a Hermes Birkin or on a Louis Vuitton workbag, we acknowledge your desire to keep the interior of your bag stain and scratch-free.

Why dive into a full-on hunt for a set of keys or a phone when it can be slotted into its own individual compartment?! And of course, there is the issue of your bag losing its shape...

The Luxe Insert was initiated from the daily struggles that a lawyer mum of 3 young children faced on a daily basis when being confronted by either liquid spillages on her laptop or pacifiers being lost under a sea of work documents, be it in her Chanel, Goyard or Louis Vuitton.

After endlessly searching the market for a stylish solution worthy of a luxury bag and being unimpressed at every turn, The Luxe Insert was established in the heart of the glamorous city of Dubai, born out of a desire to keep bags clean, in shape and organized... in style.

Each of our inserts are individually handmade with the utmost skilled professionalism and care.

We are passionate about what we do and this is reflected in each beautiful bespoke insert that we produce.